“Don’t waste your time reading this review anymore. You won’t go wrong picking Tarrant County Roofing!

Ok, if you insist on reading more, go on.

Sam came highly recommended from a local business owner. However, I have a healthy level of cynicism when it comes to expecting quality from contractors. Nevertheless, I called up Sam and asked him to come take a look at my roof that had taken a beating from several hailstorms past. I was pleasantly surprised by the candor and professionalism with which Sam and his team took care of the roofing job. It was almost turnkey with even claims and adjuster coordination handled by Sam and his crew. The job was clean and done with high quality.

Since then, I have moved on from that house, but Sam continues to be my roofer of choice. More recently, I had to replace the roof of my house that had solar panels installed. Despite the difficulty and additional complexity involved in coordinating with an electrician, Sam and his team got the job done with high quality once again.

I can’t recommend Sam any higher!

Like I said, you could have made your choice after reading the first paragraph.

. . . by Sreenivas K.