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At Tarrant County Roofing we place a great deal of value on the opinions of our customers. We feel the biggest compliment we can get is when someone takes the time to tell us how they feel about the work we’ve done or to recommend us to their friends, family, and neighbors. Here’s what some of our clients are saying about us. . .

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Better Business Bureau Review 7-16-2020

“I just had my roof replaced and I paid out of pocket. I was dealing with Tarrant County Roofing, and found out that 5 years ago trying to lower my premiums with my insurance company, I created a problem, and my roof was not covered, unless there was a hole through the roof and water damage inside. The problem was created by my lack of roofing knowledge. I stayed with Tarrant County Roofing and asked Sam M. for a good deal, since I was paying out of pocket. Roofing is not cheap, and Sam gave me a quote that I was very happy with. Their price was so good I had them add the gutters. Their crew was excellent, and completed the roof in one day and the gutters the next day. Totally satisfied, and I would strongly recommend Tarrant County Roofing for your roof. Tarrant County Roofing does more than just roofs and gutters, loot at their website. My next project will be my fence. Thank you Sam, and the Tarrant County Roofing employees. Great job!!”

. . . by Marion B.

Better Business Bureau Review 7-15-2020

“A friend of ours recommended Tarrant County Roofing to us after we had a hail storm. I called the company and Mr. Sam M….came to our house and confirmed our roof was damaged. When we were ready to get the new roof, Mr. Sam M….came back to our house explain what needed to be done and put it in a contract and explained it to us. He was very professional. We scheduled a date for the work to be done and the workers came our on that day. The workers worked very hard, did quality work, and did a great job cleaning up at the end of the day. It was all done in one day. Mr. Sam M…. came back to review the work and to ask if we had any questions. We were very satisfied and would recommend Tarrant County Roofing to all that need roofing work. I rate them with FIVE STARS!”

. . . by Ray P.

Better Business Bureau Review 6-30-2020

“We thought we may have some roof damage due to a storm and already had a few different roofing companies come out that stated we had hail damage and that we needed a new roof. However, they appeared less than honest. We had contacted Tarrant County Roofing late on Sunday night and they called first thing on Monday morning. An appointment was scheduled and Joseph Vargas even arrived a few minutes early before the appointment. He was very professional, respectful and knowledgeable. When Joseph Vargas evaluated our roof, he said that there was not any significant hail damage and that he recommended that we withdraw our claim. He actually took time to educate us on some maintenance that we could do ourselves and even offered to seal up some roofing nails that were exposed at no cost. He was able to answer our questions. He was very honest and straightforward with us It was very reassuring that there is a roofing company out there has integrity. In addition, this company has a roofing license that is not even required in the state of Texas. I highly recommend this company.”

. . . by Joanna M

Better Business Bureau Review 6-26-2020

“In the process of purchasing a home and our inspection report requested to have a roofing company come out and get an estimate. Tarrant County Roofing was absolutely honest, professional, and explained what exactly needed to be done. In addition; I called again with more questions and I have to say, they took thousands of pounds off our shoulders. We are definitely going to keep this company to do the roof repair And definitely going to Highly Recommend them. Thanks for helping a stressful time for us feel confident in continuing to purchase the home. Awesome work. Thanks again”

. . . by Tina B

Better Business Bureau Review 5-29-2020

“We used a local company to build us a covered cedar patio. It was not cheap and on the first rainy day, the roof leaked in numerous places…I called Sam at Tarrant County Roofing and without even getting on the roof he knew what the problem was and it was the build. He was very thorough, explained the problem, what he needed to do to fix it and did exactly what he promised, he fixed it and you couldn’t even tell they had been there. It rained hard for 2 days and not a single leak, not even a drop. We will not use anyone else from this point on to fix anything roof related. Thank you Sam, awesome job and awesome service.”

. . . by Miranda T

Google Review

“Tarrant Count Roofing is a top notch company and very easy to deal with and on time. The quality of work was exceptional and the company was fast to act on any issues related to the job. I highly recommend Tarrant County Roofing and will use them against if necessary.”

. . . by Steven Van Note

Better Business Bureau Review 5-4-2020

“Sam and his crew did an awesome job. Sam was very helpful, knowledgeable and patient. The crew showed up on time, were Professional and did an excellent job on the roof and on the clean up afterwards. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

. . . by Debbie H

Better Business Bureau Review 1-29-2020

“Sam at Tarrant County Roofing was a pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgeable and upfront about our roof repair. He kept us in the loop throughout the whole process and we couldn’t be happier with the work.”

. . . by Phong L.

Google Review

“Very impressed. I called and left a message that was promptly returned. Even though the job I needed was not in an area they serviced, the owner returned my call and pointed me in the right direction.”

. . . by Jeremy Cleverly

Better Business Bureau Review 1-17-2020

“Excellent contractor. Very honest and above board and job was done well and in a timely manner. Will definitely recommend this company.”

. . . by Mary S

Google Review

“Tarrant County Roofing installed my roof seven years ago. I was completely satisfied with the work they did. Three years later, I found a small leak around my skylight. They were out the next day to fix it, and it hasn’t leaked since.

Last week, I found that I had introduced a problem that caused a leak in another spot. A paint contractor who had done work for me showed me the problem and offered to fix the leak for a substantial amount. I called Sam Marzili, the owner, to come out to inspect the cause and the result. He looked at the damage to the decking to check the severity, and applied some “industrial-strength” caulk. He told me that the fix would last as long as my roof would. He charged me nothing for his time or repair.

This level of service seven years after the installation definitely earns five stars. I highly recommend this company.”

. . . by Keith Patton

Google Review

“Tarrant Count Roofing, LLC. Is one of the most professional and experienced roofing companies I have ever dealt with. Mr Sam Marzili and his entire crew are top notch. There integrity is beyond reproach and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed in your decision to chose them as your roofer. They are simply the best!”

. . . by Earl Bourquardez

Better Business Bureau Review 10-22-2019

“Tarrant County Roofing is a God send. Mr.Sam ******* and his staff are extremely knowledgable, professional, and operate there business honestly. You will feel blessed doing business with them. Whole heartedly recommend!”

. . . by Earl B

Yelp Review 10-14-2019

“Don’t waste your time reading this review anymore. You won’t go wrong picking Tarrant County Roofing!

Ok, if you insist on reading more, go on.

Sam came highly recommended from a local business owner. However, I have a healthy level of cynicism when it comes to expecting quality from contractors. Nevertheless, I called up Sam and asked him to come take a look at my roof that had taken a beating from several hailstorms past. I was pleasantly surprised by the candor and professionalism with which Sam and his team took care of the roofing job. It was almost turnkey with even claims and adjuster coordination handled by Sam and his crew. The job was clean and done with high quality.

Since then, I have moved on from that house, but Sam continues to be my roofer of choice. More recently, I had to replace the roof of my house that had solar panels installed. Despite the difficulty and additional complexity involved in coordinating with an electrician, Sam and his team got the job done with high quality once again.

I can’t recommend Sam any higher!

Like I said, you could have made your choice after reading the first paragraph.

. . . by Sreenivas K.

Google Review

“We have been using Sam Marzili and Tarrant County roofing for the last (almost) 4 years. We could not be happier with their customer service and professionalism. Sam replaced the roof on our Arlington house in the spring of 2016, inspected the roof on our new home in the fall of 2016 and replaced the roof on our parents home this spring (2019). We will never use anyone else. Thanks for everything you do, Sam.”

. . . by Jelina Ennis


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