“Tarrant County Roofing installed my roof seven years ago. I was completely satisfied with the work they did. Three years later, I found a small leak around my skylight. They were out the next day to fix it, and it hasn’t leaked since.

Last week, I found that I had introduced a problem that caused a leak in another spot. A paint contractor who had done work for me showed me the problem and offered to fix the leak for a substantial amount. I called Sam Marzili, the owner, to come out to inspect the cause and the result. He looked at the damage to the decking to check the severity, and applied some “industrial-strength” caulk. He told me that the fix would last as long as my roof would. He charged me nothing for his time or repair.

This level of service seven years after the installation definitely earns five stars. I highly recommend this company.”

. . . by Keith Patton