Insurance Claim Assistance

When it comes time to repair or replace your roof you need to know what to expect from your insurance company. Below are some tips to help you manage your insurance claim and guide you through what to expect. Remember, at Tarrant County Roofing we have licensed insurance adjusters on staff who will document your damage and navigate the maze of paperwork with your insurance company so you can avoid the headache. We’re happy to step in wherever you need us.

Your Claims Adjuster and Roofing Contractor:

Immediately after you contact your insurance company, start interviewing for your contractor. In order to insure a fair settlement, it’s wise to have an honest roofing contractor in your corner. You may or may not enjoy knowing this, but the insurance company is not always your best friend. (Nothing personal to any insurance people who may be reading this.) They run a business, and all in all they run a good business. But, understand they make money on your premiums and save it by doing their best to keep claims as low as legally possible. Worry about picking a good roofing contractor and having a quality roof installed, not a contractor taking advantage of your insurance company? I guarantee they won’t allow it and they protect themselves very well.

After you’ve reported the claim, an adjuster will usually contact you in 2-5 days. If you have interior damage, be sure to notify them when they call. A thorough roofing contractor will also help you inspect other exterior damage you may have incurred; aesthetic damage to paint, gutters, fences, window screens and seals, A/C unit coils, outside lighting, mail boxes, hot tub covers, etc.

During a storm, adjusters are often very busy and prefer not to meet with you personally. However, since most hail claims are not black and white situations, it’s important for you to have the adjuster see your home’s damage with you and/or your roofer there. If the claim is questionable, the adjuster will tend to lean in favor of the insurance company. It’s quicker and easier to decline a claim in writing than it is to see the damage and turn the claim down face to face. When an adjuster meets with you they will first do a physical inspection of the damage and take pictures. Then an adjustment sheet indicating what was found and an estimate for the repairs or re-roof will be completed. Any discrepancies can be worked out between you, your roofing contractor & the adjuster.

Important Note: most of the time you will not receive the entire amount you are entitled to up front from the insurance company. The insurance company will depreciate a percentage of the claim that is payable only upon completion of the roof. So, be sure you understand your adjuster’s report and the full amount you are entitled to for your new roof.

What If Your Claim is Denied or the Settlement is Low?

If your claim is denied or you feel you received a low settlement, call us at 817-583-3691. We know what your adjustment sheet should include and what the insurance company should pay for. Many customers believe it’s a conflict for the roofer to see what the insurance has paid, when in reality any good roofing contractor knows exactly what the insurance should have paid. We can help evaluate the insurance adjustments and negotiate the best program for you. If there are discrepancies, we can resolve them prior to starting any work. If the estimates are close, you are ready to proceed with your claim.

The Claim and Payment Process

Typically, you will receive approximately 50% of your claim monies within 10-15 days after the adjuster has visited your home. The checks you receive will often be made out to both you and your mortgage company. Therefore, you may need to contact your mortgage company when you receive your first check in order to get their endorsement. Find out the name of the person whose attention you should send your check to. We strongly advise sending your check by certified mail. You can also have us handle the check process for you. This is another service we offer which is absolutely free.

Storm Offices

During storm seasons, some insurance carriers open storm offices to process the increased volume. Storm offices have the ability to issue checks on the spot, and often, final checks can be picked up the day the job is completed.

1st Payment and Billing

Upon completion of your roof, we will invoice your insurance carrier for the balance due and process all other insurance and mortgage company requirements. We will collect your first check when the materials are delivered, or if you have deposited it, you can write Tarrant County Roofing a personal check.

2nd Check Processing

When your insurance carrier receives our invoice, they may send their inspector out for verification purposes. You will then be issued a check for the final payment of your claim based on our invoice amount for the work performed, less the amount of your first check. We can then make arrangements to finalize your contract and issue your manufacturer’s and workmanship warranties.

Lost Checks

If you do not receive your checks within a reasonable amount of time, if your insurance or mortgage company arranges different procedures, or if you have any questions or concerns regarding the processing of your claim, please feel free to contact us for help. We work with mortgage companies and insurance carriers every day and would be happy to intervene on your behalf.


If you’ve been hit by a storm, call us today at 817-583-3691 or use our Quote Request Form to schedule your free roof inspection. It costs you nothing, but could save you everything.

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