Composition Roofs

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Composition Roofs are among the most common for homeowners, multi-family dwellings, and commercial properties that are nestled among residential buildings. While the 3-tab shingle has long been the tradition in composition roofs, dimensional or architectural shingles have quickly become the most popular shingled roof choice for today’s homeowners and those who want their commercial property to have the look of a residential property. The defining characteristic of dimensional shingles is the random tab design you get when the roof is applied.

composition roofsAdvantages of Architectural or Dimensional Composition Roofs: When there is bowing or depression in the roof deck (perhaps from multiple repairs in the same area), the architectural shingles can help to make these areas less noticeable. Architectural shingles are generally quicker to install and come in an increasingly wide range of colors, including some energy star qualifying products. Dimensional and architectural shingles also have the most variety in shingle warranties and longevity. Homeowners and property managers can acquire dimensional shingles in expected life ranges of 25 year and Lifetime warranties shingles. While dimensional shingles typically cost more than 3-tab shingles, you’ll usually more than make up for it with an easier install, increased shingle life, and greater resale value.

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