“Sam is the owner and has a full excellent package you need for your roof. If you’re looking for a fast response, transparent, affordable, and reasonable provider then Tarrant County Roofing is the one you need. I got a claim in Oct and it took other guys few months to process it. I was exhausted since my roof is leaking and they didn’t meet my need. My friend suggested Sam and I decided to give him a try. Right after I schedule, he came, emailed the quote, answered all your concerns, and boom done. Within in 10 days, I signed the contract and he got my roof replaced. No prepayment required, yet you got to have a chance to pick color, brand and he explained all the details from the material, structure, etc.. I feel I understand what I am paying for. He also worked with insurance for you to make sure you don’t have to pay out of pocket. All his work meets city code since he obtained permit from the city, sent you the photos before and after for your comparison. My friend got $100 for referral but I want to recommend him to your families and friends since his service is beyond my expectation. Easy, hassle free, and very reliable.”

. . . by Janet Trần