“I was very pleased with this company. They were very fair and competitive. Don met with my adjuster and it made me feel more confident having a person knowledgeable in the roofing business on the roof with the adjuster. We didn’t have any problems with the insurance covering the new roof. Sam, the owner of the company was very thorough in his post completion inspection. All the materials and workmanship were top quality. They completed our roof in one day when we were told it would probably take one and a half. Clean up was excellent; they didn’t leave scraps and trash anywhere. They rolled a magnet over the driveway and around the house several times before they left. Sam and Daniel came by a couple of times (separately) and rolled the magnet on the driveway a second time. Sam was even looking for nails in the expansion joints in the driveway. They are an excellent group to work with!”

. . . by Kevin D.